WIDK 34: A Bag of Cold Spam

Smelling Old, Scissor One-Hands, and Sue-sonal Depression

Who would have thought America's favorite canned meat could be so inspiring?

Fishstick's Top Pick Topics: [03:18]

Many important questions. Do you want to smell old? Will you smell old anyways? Why does age have an odor? Is Axe a cologne? Does grandpa have an expiration date?

The Brofessor's Life De-Stresser: [10:10]

The Brofessor helps a one-armed man open a new pack of scissors, but not before a lengthy debate on how many times Bill Withers says "I Know". The answer might suprise you.

Lulu's Viewer Reviews: [19:18]

This is vile. Canned meat should not exist. The recipie for spam lies in a ziploc bag in the front of an Air Force Master Seargeant's pants, and there it shall remain. Who would have thought that more than one 'spam story' could exist in the world?

Mulch's News Garden: [28:40]

Florida is too un-depressing that someone would sue? Fishstick suggests learning Wonderwall. There's a big reveal and Mulch is gonna get his butt kicked.


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