WIDK 20: New Alternative Segments

Porce & Kucknit, Positivity Retaining Ear Covers, and Politics

In honor of their 20th episode the crew takes some new segments out for a spin.

This week, Fishstick's Word Mix crafts some new swears, The Brofessor's Bi-Weekly Broast digs into Darryl's tone-deafness, Lulu's Coo-Coo Guru Hullabaloo brings a new and interesting product to light, and on Mulch's Pulpit they discuss why EVERYONE is allowed to talk about politics; even celebrities.

(Fake) sponsors this week include: Calf Corsets, Dale's Apple Orchard, and Zoo Apron

We'd love and value your feedback about our new segments! It was a little rough diving in for the first time, and if you see the potential in them: submit some things to us!

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