WIDK 21: The Mobius Strip Earth Society

Heavy Political Discussion, Smoke-A-Cola, and Steve Buscemi's Eyes

This gets HEAVY towards the end. Mimi (Lulu's sister) is filling in, and also fills in some details about their upbringing that shed light on why they're so friggin' weird. Fishstick talks about eating kitty poo; the Brofessor recieves a cryptic voicemail; Mimi reviews Steve Buscemi's glorious, glorious eyes; and Mulch talks about Megyn Kelly and her super big F-up. Then the conversation gets deep. TOO deep, some would say. This episode is packed with good stuff!

Sponsors include: Smoke-A-Cola A Lawyer, Woody Chuck's Tree Shucking Service, The Necronomi-Kama Sutra

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