WIDK 37: Hand, Foot, & Mouse Disease

The Merits of Drowning, Wo-Tar-Man, Dirty Cars, & Art History

If you're a fan of laugh-a-minute comedy, then you've come to the wrong place!

Fishstick's Top Pick Topics: [02:46]

CW: DEATH BY FIRE. The crew discusses whether it would be better to drown or die in a fire. Thanks Ian G. Can always count on you to lift our spirits. Literally. Out of our bodies.

The Brofessor's Life De-Stresser: [13:36]

It's 2019, but that doesn't mean that folks aren't still out getting tarred and feathered! Roofing is best left to professionals like Chardly, and this segment should serve as a cautionary tale to those who choose to blaze their own trail.

Lulu's Viewer Reviews: [21:57]

Who on the morning crew has the cleanest car? Well, Lulu does of course! But whose is worst? That's up to you to decide in our poll on Twitter and Facebook. If you're listening to this episode in the morning, it's probably not up yet so check back in this afternoon.

Mulch's News Garden: [36:31]

What begins as a story of one man's quest to fight a gorilla for 10,000 dollars, ends in an art history lesson. Almost. It's all nonsense, but that's the world we live in, right?


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