WIDK 22: Like Water for IKEA

Chris Nolan's Live-Action Winnie The Pooh, Taxidermied Weasel Fetish, Moth Mob, and New Old Movies

CW: A Chemo Joke, Taxidermy.

A little long this week, take that as you will.

Fishstick talks about fighting bears, and the crew casts their version of a 'live-action' Winnie the Pooh movie. It doesn't end well.

The Brofessor helps a listener with a quest to develop a fetish for taxidermied weasels after his roommate refuses to stop hiding it in his bed.

Mimi (Lulu's sister) reviews new movies being made in black and white, and the crew waxes poetic over a time they weren't even around for.

Mulch gets fooled by fake news, and the discussion turns into a history lesson about Betty Crocker and the 'Sunk Cost' fallacy.

It's a wild ride.

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