WIDK 25: LIVE from Podcast NH!

Creepy Sex Dolphins, Dancing & Face-Swapping, Bald Eagle Chickens, and Guests Galore

Live from the Podcast NH Meetup!

Fishstick's Top Pick Topics: [03:23]

The crew joins up with their friends Nate, Forrest, and Suprenant from the Unqualified Networks Podcast to discuss whether it would be better to be a creepy creepy dolphin or a dangerous elephant.

The Brofessor's Life De-Stresser: [13:39]

It's a rapid-fire help-a-thon as the Brofessor dishes out his personal brand of aid to Riley and Davis of The Plunge Podcast and also Derrick of The Blaise XPerience. You get some help, and YOU get some help, and YOU get some help!

Lulu's Viewer Reviews: [28:22]

With the alcohol flowing free, Lulu roped in Hannah and Courtney, the hosts of Damn You Diary to review a (quite well-done) portrait of a bald eagle in the Audobon Center. What followed was an informative conversation about trees and chickens. Don't ask, just listen.

Mulch's News Garden: [43:29]

Mulch couldn't be there, so instead the crew took the opportunity to catch up with Meader and Pepin of We Need To Talk, Jason Alme from Shit Happens When You Party Naked, and Derrick from The Blaise XPerience. The news was the night, and the news was good. Don't worry, Lulu drove everyone home safe and Fishstick didn't have to sleep on Jason's futon.


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The Behavioral Observations Podcast hosted by Matt Cicoria! It's really entertaining and informative. You might actually learn something useful there, go check it out!

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