WIDK 26: Dr. Mavid's Cult-Forward Society

Mulch FIRED? Jarredd HERE?! Who The Hell Is Dennis?!

We rescued Dr. Mavid of the Mobius Strip Earth Society, and brought him on the air! Also, with Lulu and Mulch gone, Jarredd makes another appearance and brings in an unfamiliar familial face.

The Brofessor's Life De-Stresser: [05:44]

The 'crew' 'interviews' Dr. Mavid about his very 'cult-forward' approach to disseminating the 'truth' and dispelling 'lies' about the shape, structure, and rulership of the Earth. Then Dennis shows up.

Fishstick's Top Pick Topics: [21:47]

This weeks topic was totally lifted from MBMBaM. A listener DID submit it, but even they said they stole it. Would you rather have a dog with human hands, or a cat with a human face? We get a little blue. The McElroys did it better, but don't they always? Listen to them at this LINK

Lulu's Viewer Reviews: [30:59]

Jarredd steps up to the plate to review his own performance in reviewing Mulch's performance. Spoiler alert, it did not end well for Mulch. Jarredd seems fine though! Also Dennis apparently has a kid? WTF.

Dennis Leery's Leery News:[37:30]

Dennis dishes the deets on his brother's(?) DUI. Or, at least, somebody's. It was a pretty bad one. The crew then gives Dennis his first Smoke-A-Cola, and talk about their own run-ins with the long, human-handed arm of the law.


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Real Promotion:

This week it's The Vinyl Loft! Chris will take you back to the ACTUAL days when radio was good. His show is wicked cool, and it's our favorite to clean the house to.

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